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Declan Kilcline submits the following report -

A 6 man team, consisting of 5 girls and 1 boy, went down to Gravesend on Sunday 13th March to compete in the U14 Minor section. Essex was the 2015 defending champions and 3 of the team were back again.

Each player would play 3 games, with 60 mins per player on the clock.

Round 1 placed Essex in front. After Round 2, Essex found themselves tied for 1st with a 3rd team a whisker behind.

Before the 3rd Round began, the statisticians were busy trying to figure out what Essex had to do to bring back the trophy. It was a case of winning some vital games against the close competitors while ensuring the weaker teams gave up points to Essex.

The final game of the 3rd round was a cliff hanger but failed to yield the result needed. Essex would come 2nd, a 1/2 point behind the winners. But a 1/2 point ahead of 3rd place.

Many thanks to the drivers who braved the journey south.

Results for teams and individuals can be found at :

Photo above showing team members, Jenny, Sarah, Emmy, Abbey, Arizona and Vasan.